Let’s Invest Into Your Future Growth

Do you need to come up with a new (proven) business opportunity for your company?

Do you have good ideas for new ventures, but are afraid to invest and to chance?

Are you an investor, looking for proven ventures suitable to your investment strategy?

Let’s bridge the early phase risks of investing into your promising venture ideas – those you are willing to invest into, after they have shown technical feasibility and business viability.



Innovation projects (ventures) typical require several financing rounds. Our partners are ready to step in for a first round (seed), and provide you an option-call for a matching follow-up investment.


We help companies or investors to safeguard and leverage their planned investments into future business opportunities. Together with our partners, we invest into and let grow your ideas and business concepts to become attractive ventures – ready for your investment. 

Instead of co-financing venture projects with a single common fund, that has been collected money coming from several investors, our co-investments framework serializes investments, and the more risky earlier phase will be covered by our business-partner-network.


Companies and Investors get …

  • „startups“ as-a-service - on demand,
  • early access (deal-flow) to successful business opportunities,
  • an option to invest and receive share at later stage to early stage conditions,
  • a strong co-investment partner, interested in sustainable businesses, willing and capable to invest further, without „exit“ pressure.

... simply by reserving a planned growth investment.


Startups benefit from …

  • structured growth with early + later stage investment capabilities,
  • strong business-partners, interested in sustainable businesses, willing and capable to invest further, and without „exit“ pressure,
  • access to a powerful business network, that provides services and supports business growth.

Let’s Grow Your Ideas To Successful Ventures

Serial Co-Investment Framework provided by a strong business-partner-network.

GroWups mission is to let ideas grow to successful ventures.

For this, the group initiates and accompanies co-innovation projects, combines entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and investors with best-practice ingredients and innovation support services.

GroWup creates new innovative business proposals for corporations, supports entrepreneurs, and startups to shape their ideas, sets up and grows their businesses, and organizes necessary investments.

Investors can obtain a targeted deal flow according to their investment strategy. With Co-Investment-Framework planned investments can be complemented with Partner-Investors and therefore safeguarded and leveraged.


The GroWup Group provides a holistic combination of powerful venture support services contributed by our business partner network.

Grow Ideas to Successful Ventures

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